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Wednesday SuperDville For Families at Lodi Whittier Library
By Lodi Whittier Library
We are incredibly proud to announce that we have partnered with Academy Award winning Director and Producer, Peggy Stern, and her entire team to bring SuperDville for Families to Lodi!
SuperDville is the first and only PBS-style video-based social-emotional learning (SEL) tool that specifically addresses the needs of students 7-12 years old who learn differently. Whether or not a child has been diagnosed with a learning difference like dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, or ADHD- SuperDville provides peer to peer (each episode stars real kids with learning differences themselves) social emotional learning to help any child navigate school and life.
SuperDville offers a fun, engaging, skill-building curriculum about self-advocacy, resilience, self-esteem, and empathy, among other important SEL themes essential for emotional well-being and academic survival.
Lodi Whittier Library will be offering SuperDville sessions every Wednesday evening 5-7pm through January and February 2023. Registration is required but participants can attend all or just some of the sessions. Please sign up or get more information by calling 607-482-6218 or emailing
SuperDville for Families at our library includes dinner and a “divide and nurture approach” by having parents and caregivers meeting for support, resources, and empowerment with our Director Beth Bevars while the children follow Nora Snyder into the Karel Titus Conference Room to watch videos, discuss highlighted themes in the episode and do a related craft. We are both so enthused and proud to implement this very important programing with our community.
This program is FREE to participants due to support from Teach My Kid To Read, Finger Lakes Library System, and Assemblymember Philip Palmesano of District 132.