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Escape Room on the Train
By Strasburg Railroad

The famous detective Sherlock Holmes has left clues on board the President’s Car in hopes that you and your group can outwit the nefarious criminal mastermind, Dr. Moriarty before time runs out! Dr. Moriarty wants to blow up the train, and it is YOUR goal to save it! This all-new Escape-Room-On-The-Train theme is 45-60 minutes of fun and suspense. This experience can accommodate up to 8 players. (This experience is on a stationary train car.). Departure times vary daily.

Don’t miss the opportunity to test your wit and skill and save the train before time runs out! Only at the Strasburg Rail Road! Good luck!

Passengers: $50

The price includes one (1) complimentary non-alcoholic beverage from Cafe 1832.

Please note: Our liquor license prohibits us from serving alcohol on a stationary train car; all complimentary drinks are non-alcoholic and may be picked up at Cafe 1832 by redeeming your drink voucher given to you at check-in. 

About the President’s Car

Philadelphia & Reading Car No. 10, commonly known as “The Reading” during its heyday, is an Edwardian-era business car. Business-class cars were built for the railroad’s top brass—company presidents and other high-level officials. These cars were essentially a house on wheels that transported railroad officials “over the line” to carry out their railroad responsibilities. These cars were often the pride of the railroad fleet with their handcrafted woodwork, rich tapestries, over-stuffed furniture, and much more.

August 18, 2022
5:00pm - 6:00pm
Strasburg Railroad
301 Gap Road
Strasburg, Pennsylvania United States