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Garrington T Jones & Theone Mae Dawes

Let all acquaintance of 2019 be forgotten, but hereby something a bit new for 2020!

Theone Mae Dawes will be joining me as a partner-in-crime for this and other future gigs in Worcester for the first quarter of the year.
If you haven't heard of Theone, well here is a little resume:

"Theone is an up and coming new bright, jazz singer who combines influences from folk, funk and neo-soul to create her own unique style. Performing a solo set of original and cover material, Theone is keen to bring a whole new dimension to her performance abilities".

We will be mixing our sets through the evening and maybe joining each other at times to give a little extra charm to the songs that we perform. And we hope you will join us at Bottles and shake-away those mid-January blues. Admission is free.....

January 19
8:30pm - 10:30pm (UTC)