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Heart-Smile Training 8-Week Course

Wednesdays, July 8–August 26, 2020

8-Week Course: July 8, 15, 22, 29, August 5, 12, 19, 26

One-Day Retreat: August 15 (Time TBA)

Hybrid Course: in-person in Korea/ Live online in the U.S. 

  • Sound listening and making as well as movement involved in every session
  • Strong focus on interoceptive awareness (sensations and feelings in the body) and developing skills for compassion and self-kindness

Heart-Smile Training (HST) is an 8-week compassion-based program, focused on kindness and compassion-based practices and skill-building. This unique 8-week course being offered includes sound and movement meditations, along with guided sitting practices.

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heart smile training

Heart-Smile Training intends to support participants in feeling a genuine sense of well-being and flourishing in daily life. The foundation of Heart-Smile Training is to accept the body and mind as they are, to feel more comfortable in your body.

This course combines traditional Korean compassion practices and mindfulness training informed by contemporary psychology and scientific research on compassion. The course is a prerequisite to the Heart-Smile Teacher Training, which will take place at our Center for Mindfulness and Compassion (CMC) in 2020. Heart-Smile Teachers will support clinical research trials that will be offered through our Center. For those interested in leading this compassion-based training through CMC, please contact us at to note your interest.

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Core Practice 

Authentic Presence is the name of the core HST practice. It is the practice of genuinely smiling at oneself. Authentic Presence activates tenderness, warmth and joy that naturally radiate outward toward others. This core practice is usually combined with sound meditation.

Support Practices

Movement is movement practice including symbolic heart gestures to evoke warmth and gratitude toward oneself, others, and the environment. 

Gratitude and Acceptance is a guided meditation that uses phrases such as ’being grateful and accepting ourselves as we are’. 

Deep Body Scan is a meditation that focuses on the tissue under the skin, the fascia, to bring serenity, joy, calm, and peace to the body. It can be practiced lying down (for profound relaxation) or sitting up (for cultivating body awareness and appreciation). 

Sound Meditation involves finding one’s own inner sound and allowing oneself to resonate with sound, internally and externally, to generate inner peace and compassion. 

Instructors: Ven. Misan Sunim, PhD and Jina Kim, PhD

Minorities and need-based scholarships available — complete the application at

50% discounts available for CHA staff and patients — contact us at to learn more.

July 08
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Address, City, State
Center for Mindfulness & Compassion