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Can A Gaze Change Your Life

Braco and his silent gaze

Experience a man who shares pure energy, conciousness and a helping hand through his eyes.

Braco is an internationally recognized person with a special gift. For 25 years he helps people to better their lives in silence through his gaze. In the last years he traveled to major events and congresses in 4 continents on invitation. People experience a vitalizing force, peace, joy and an inner uplifting in consciousness, when they look into his eyes. Some report that this has solved their life problems and also physical ailments and that a positive balance has entered their lives. Scientists speak about a rare phenomenon. In 2012 Braco was awared a international peace prize through an UN Organisation in New York. Since 2013 there are additional online events with Bracos gaze, because his shedule does not allow him to follow all invitations. People share, that they experience the same energy online as in events in big halls. 

Because travel is currently difficult, the main focus is on online events. The online events with Bracos are broadcasted on The next period will start on Monday, June 29th until Friday, July 3rd with daily livestreaming on It begins each day at 11 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. (EST) 

Every online encounter is live. All encounters with Braco´s gaze are free of charge. Just visit the page in the mentioned time frame and click on „Join the Live Stream“ Visitors out of 60 countries join the global live online events with Braco. 

More information about Braco:, or YouTube: Braco official channel

“There was a great peace to be felt, an energy so overwhelming, just overwhelming. I cannot describe the feeling. It's like a light. A fantastic thing. I love it. A few minutes worth of gold ... for life.” —Visitor from Portugal


June 29
11:00am - 5:00pm (EDT)
+49 9452 1398