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Level I Hand Analysis Training

October 15 (starts at 5 pm) – 18 (ends at 4 pm)

Study with Janet Savage, Master Hand Analyst

Are you a healer, counselor, coach, artist, entrepreneur?

Adopt a fresh new assessment tool to uncover the core consciousness required for you and your clients to live a life of both meaning and success.

Are you someone moving forward and you find yourself on the brink? Need the tools to navigate this transition?

This experience gives you the focus and clarity to overcome the fear that comes with being on the BRINK of change! Then you can take the action to move forward with confidence toward the life you came here to embrace. 

Go here to read all about 9 reasons to enroll in the live, in-person class this October.

1. Why study palmistry, a.k.a. Scientific Hand Analysis in a live in-person class

2. It’s the only in-person class on the East Coast taught by one of 6 Master Teachers sanctioned to teach the system developed by the International Institute of Hand Analysis

3. The small class size assures you lots of personal attention

4. All key lectures and Q & A are recorded throughout the weekend

5. You can do meaningful readings after the class

6. You can charge $

7. If you want this for personal growth only, this is the place to learn about yourself – your life purpose and what’s getting in the way of living it fully

8. Burlington is one of the coolest little cities in the USA

9. Enroll early and be an early bird who always gets the worm – actually $700 of savings and bonuses

For more information: Visit or call 802-279-8554

Thursday, October 15 - Sunday, October 18
Burlington, VT
$1195 Early bird; full tuition is $1495
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