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Healing From The Body Level Up™ Module 1: Clearing Trauma And Healing PTSD

Saturdays, October 10th, 17th and 24th


Course consists of 11 hours of prerecorded content and 24 hours of live Zoom Video Training

“Ease and Reliability of Treatment. A Stress Free, Flourishing Practice!”

Get the skills and resources needed to make this your reality. You will learn to clear yourself of trauma as the client, clear fellow students of trauma as the therapist and observe how HBLU™ is practiced and experienced. To fully appreciate how much experiential and cognitive change can occur during and following an HBLU™ session you need to experience it yourself. It is truly remarkable. 

35 CE credits for LICSWs, LMHCs and nurses

“Judith, you will be glad to know that since taking HBLU training I have a busy practice of ideal private paying clients and am not doing any traditional talk therapy! Learning and using HBULU has totally changed the trajectory of my life personally and professionally in an incredibly positive way. HBLU is so aligned with my desire to help clients get rapid results and enhances the other energy techniques have learned and continue to learn. My clients are thrilled to get rapid, tangible results and I feel so blessed to have learned this work from you and to share it with others.” —Michelle L Wilson, MA, LPC

HBLU™ is a uniquely powerful mind/body/ spirit healing methodology that can create rapid, lasting core-level change - even when other therapies have failed - by simultaneously clearing emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks to happiness, health and success. 

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Saturday, October 10