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Beginners Range Time

Beginner's Range Instruction

Have you taken a basic course at Heritage, but still feel like you need additional instruction on the shooting range? Beginner's Range Instruction is perfect for you as Heritage Instructors will be on the range to assist you in practicing fundamental shooting skills. This specialized range instruction will help you build your confidence so that you will feel safe and comfortable practicing defensive shooting skills on the range.You can bring your own firearm(s) or rent one from our extensive rental inventory. Ammunition is not included and may be purchased from Range Operations. 

Prerequisite: One of the following Courses: 

  • Basic Handgun-Semi Automatic
  • Basic Handgun-Revolver
  • Basic Shotgun
  • Basic Rifle
  • Maryland HQL
  • Utah CFP

Duration 1 Hour
May 31
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Heritage Training Center
4537 Metropolitan Court
Frederick, Maryland