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A-to-Z Whitman Woods Walk & Talk
By Whitman Woods Project

Walk in Whitman's footsteps with New Jersey native plants guru Joseph Arsenault on this enlightening “A-to-Z Whitman Woods Walk & Talk.” The illuminating lakeside trek serves as a prelude to Walt FEST. Nature lovers and Whitman Bicentennial celebrants will be captivated by the Eco-guru's compelling narrative. A botanist, ecologist and lead Whitman Woods Project adviser, Arsenault grew up in Laurel Springs and played as a child in these very woods.

The renowned naturalist is a veritable fount regarding the site’s geologic genesis. Attendees will learn about the land’s history — from the archaeological to the zoological — and why preserving these 3.75 wooded acres in Whitman's name is ecologically significant within the Timber Creek watershed.  

Whitman seemed to find inspiration in every molecule of Nature he encountered along the Timber Creek; it was from these environs that he penned most of “Specimen Days” and made significant additions to “Leaves of Grass.”

In addition to the guided morning walk, Walt FEST attendees may also explore aspirational “Whitman Woods” during daylight hours. Docents will be present to answer questions from 11-3. Visitors are advised to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. 

Enter the aspirational Passive Park via footpaths at the terminus of Glen or Beech avenues (both run east from Stone Road). Street parking only.

Date and Time
Saturday, June 1, 2019
10:00AM (EST5EDT - Eastern Time)

Whitman Woods Project at 720 Glen Avenue
Laurel Springs, New Jersey United States