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Walt Whitman in the Civil War
By The Center at Camden County College

This presentation, celebrating Walt's 200th birthday, will focus on Walt Whitman's three years tending to wounded and dying soldiers in Washington's hospitals during the American Civil War. Many folks know of Whitman the poet, but few realize the depth of Walt's devotion to caring for the suffering soldiers. He later wrote that his years in the hospitals were "the greatest privilege and satisfaction of his life." A bold claim considering his life. Although never engaged on the battlefield, he certainly saw the ugly aftermath of battle. Walt Whitman's contribution to the Civil War was enormous. His well of compassion ran deeper than most individuals. And his patriotism came without ever firing a shot.  

Date and Time
Monday, April 1, 2019
7:00PM (UTC)

The Center at Camden County College - Civic Hall at 200 South College Drive
Blackwood, NJ USA