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WaltFEST 2019
By Laurel Springs Green & Whitman Stafford Committee

Historic Laurel Springs' Walt Whitman Arts and Poetry Festival is celebrating the 200th birthday of Walt Whitman on the banks of
Timber Creek. Laurel Springs, New Jersey is Ground Zero for Whitman on Timber Creek. The Festival will have three venues with a guided trolley tour to connect:

1) Historic Whitman Stafford Farmhouse – Visual Arts Venue – 315 East Maple Avenue
2) Historic Crystal Springs – Language Arts Venue – West Elma and Lakeview Avenues
3) The Makers Workshop – Arts & Crafts – 801 West Atlantic Avenue

 In his own words, Whitman describes his time at Timber Creek: 
“Very different are most of the memoranda that follow. Sometime after the war ended I had a paralytic stroke, which prostrated me for several years. In 1876 I began to get over the worst of it. From this date, portions of several seasons, especially summers, I spent at a secluded haunt down in Camden County, New Jersey – Timber Creek, quite a little river (it enters from the great Delaware, twelve miles away – with primitive solitudes, winding streams, recluse and woody banks, sweet-feeding springs, and all the charms that birds, grass, wild flowers, rabbits and squirrels, old oaks and walnut trees can bring. Through these times, and these spots, the diary was mostly written.”

Date and Time
Saturday, June 1, 2019
11:00AM (UTC)

Whitman Stafford House at 315 Maple Avenue
Laurel Springs, NJ USA