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Philly Poetry Day - 100,000 Poets for Change
By Poetry in Common

What Is Philly Poetry Day?

People say you can attend a poetry reading
on every single day in the Philadelphia area. This is likely true and awesome. Philly Poetry Day is a manifestation and further demonstration of the abundance and enthusiasm for poetry in Philadelphia. It is also an attempt to bring poetry to a larger and not typical audience.

On past Philly Poetry Days poetry has been read in pizza shops, cemeteries, supermarkets, farmers markets, subways,
midnight readings, and written in chalk on sidewalks.

The idea is that poetry will be everywhere. In 2019, to honor Walt Whitman, Philly Poetry Day will begin on Saturday, April 20 and end on May 31 – Walt Whitman’s 200th Birthday. So you will have a lot
of time to participate.

How can you participate?

1. Read a poem, a Whitman poem or any poem to a child – or to anyone. This initiative is presented in association with
100,000 Poets For Peace And Social Change.
2. Write a line of a Walt Whitman poem, or any poem, on your sidewalk in chalk.

Recommended from Whitman’s
Song Of Myself:

"Missing me one place, search another;

I stop somewhere, waiting for you."

Date and Time
Saturday, April 20, 2019
Poetry in Common