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Walt Whitman @ Delaware River Festival
10:00am - 4:00pm (EDT)
Delaware River Waterfront, Camden + Philly
September 07
10:00am - 4:00pm (EDT)
Delaware River Waterfront, Camden + Philly at 211 South Christopher Columbus Boulevard
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Two Cities, One River


This festival is the joining of two events focused on education and appreciation of the mighty Delaware River--these were historically known as Pennsylvania Coast Day in Philadelphia, PA and Camden's River Day in Camden, NJ. Between 11am-2pm, participate in family-friendly Whitman at 200 activities such as poetry writing, a coloring activity, and even meet Mr. Whitman as you ride the RiverLink Ferry while exploring original art onboard. 


About Pennsylvania Coast Day


Since its inception in 2002, this event has attracted thousands from the Philadelphia region to appreciate the City's waterways. Though the activities and locations have changed, the purpose of this event has remained the same over the past 17 years: connect people to the waterfront and provide hands-on experiences that will last a lifetime. Last year, for the first time, this event partnered with the Camden River Day event.


About the Camden, NJ River Day


The Alliance for Watershed Education (AWE), a coalition of 23 environmental centers, began hosting annual ‘River Days’ events in 2016. These series of events aim to promote their shared mission of providing education and recreational opportunities that inspire personal action. This year’s event in Camden, New Jersey will also include the Camden Jam - a music festival featuring regional and local artists!


The joining of these events has created a coast-to-coast celebration of the Delaware River or, as we've decided to name it, the

Delaware River Festival