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Coffee x Conversation - Conversations With Self Edition
Rosesbank Allan Gray
32a Jellicoe Ave, Johannesburg
We know as women we juggle so many roles on a daily basis of being a sister, a mother, a wife, and entrepreneur, a career woman...the list goes on. We are constantly on this journey of creating a better life for ourselves and family, which is great thing. But as humans we encounter setbacks, challenges or rejection which leads us to having stress, depression, working under pressure, not resting, not giving yourself time to heal, not taking care of yourself and not putting your health, sanity and well-being first.

Our next event we're taking a time out to reflect on us, focus on us and continue this beautiful journey with our health and well-being intact. We hope you find this session helpful and please share to other women who might find value, peace and growth in discussing issues about mental health and well-being.

For ticket purchases, email us on or WhatsApp us on 0717117448
May 25
8:30 - 11:00