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Dancing Mallets & Pulsing Percussion
By Symphony Tacoma

Pantages Theater

Sarah Ioannides, conductor

Arx Duo, percussion

Members of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians


Bartók: Romanian Folk Dances

Nick DiBerardino: Double Percussion Concerto - WORLD PREMIERE

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7


RESONANT RHYTHM: Bartók invokes the rawness of Eastern European tunes originally played on fiddle or fife in his Romanian Folk Dances. Composer Nick diBeraradino conceives fantastical tales through his wide-ranging, story-driven musical language. His newest commission will be debuted in Tacoma by Arx Duo, the dynamic percussion team of Garrett Arney and Mari Yoshinaga. Beethoven’s renown Symphony No. 7 synthesizes dance-like energy, serene solemnity and rousing wildness.