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Youthful Brilliance
By Symphony Tacoma

Antoine T. Clark, conductor

Janice Carissa, piano


Viet Cuong: Bullish

Franck: Symphonic Variations

Andrée: Andante quasi Recitativo

Avner Dorman: Concerto in A

Prokofiev: Symphony No. 1 “Classical”


FRESH PERSPECTIVES: Viet Cuong’s Bullish is testimony to Bach’s continuing influence on today’s musical scene. Franck offers a rethinking of variation form in his Symphonic Variations. Elfrida Andrée was the first woman to compose and conduct chamber and orchestral music in Sweden. Also influenced by Bach, Avner Dorman applied a modern view to the classic composer in his Concerto in A which he wrote at the age of 19. Prokofiev’s first numbered symphony, which he dubbed “Classical,” is a modern reinterpretation of the classical style of Haydn and Mozart. Indonesian pianist and 2022 Gilmore Young Artist, Janice Carissa has been praised for radiating “the multicolored highlights of a mature pianist.”