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CLI Money
By Kelley Byrne

Instructor: Kelley Byrne

This is a live interactive ONLINE class takes place February 26 thru March 1 from 12:00 to 6:00 pm ATLANTIC STANDARD TIME on the Zoom video platform


Learn to live in service to your natural wealthy self!

Your relationship with money and the beliefs you have about money is a direct reflection of the relationship you are having with yourself - it is a self esteem issue!

There are two banks in life and you get to decide where you would like to hold an account!

1.      the bank of FEAR driven by the brain where you are always in debt

2.      the bank of BLISS - the universe where you are a VIP always!

Advanced Conscious Money Wealth Workshop invites you to investigate and resolve your false beliefs in the bank of fear about giving and receiving, wealth, money, poverty, lack mentality, poor/rich thinking, banking, assets/liabilities, and greed. 

You can fully shift your fear-based limiting perspectives on these money issues and more, learning how to take conscious practical action in relation to money. Learn to transform the defensive, fear-based life into a wealthy one openly embracing your worth. By examining the projected external money and self worth clues, we can become aware of these deep disturbances in our minds and shift our accounts to the new bank of BLISS. The result is quantum shifts in perspective while showing us how to remember our natural wealthy selves. 

Bringing a new cosmic understanding of how to design a conscious wealthy life!

Please contact Kelley for more details.


Price: $400 + 15% NS Tax


February 26 - March 01
12:00pm - 6:00pm
This is an online event at Zoom Go to event website
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$400 + tax
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