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Practice! Practice! Practice! Harry Potter Online Class Series with Erica de Sousa
By Erica de Sousa

Join Erica de Sousa Thursdays in October 12:30-2:00 pm ATLANTIC DAYLIGHT TIME on the Zoom Video Platform


Practice! Practice! Practice! Harry Potter


Practice! Practice! Practice! is a dynamic opportunity to integrate CLI and a consciousness perspective into your daily life.  In October we'll investigate all things Harry Potter including the overall plot and storyline, as well as your favourite and least favourite characters.  And we couldn't work with Harry Potter, Hogwarts, and the gang without having a peek at Magic! You'll need a basic knowledge of the series based on the books, movies, or pop culture.  
Class includes 7.5 hours of Zoom calls and a WhatsApp support group to share your work and receive feedback throughout the week.   
Prerequisite: CLI class experience. 

Cost is $199 + your local tax