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Practice! Practice! Practice! Media Edition Online Class Series with Erica Blackburn
By Erica Blackburn

Join Erica Blackburn Tuesdays and Thursdays in September, 5:30-6:30 pm ATLANTIC DAYLIGHT TIME on the Zoom Video Platform


Practice! Practice! Practice!

Media Edition

Ever wonder why you notice certain media sources and not others? Even wonder what self-awareness messages are available in the media for you? Our days are filled with mass media communication - TV, News, Radio, Social Media, Print Media. Practice using the Conscious Living Investigation process to unravel the “hidden” messages in the media for you! Join Erica for 8-online sessions to explore a conscious approach to “mass media”. Extra support and suggestions throughout the week are offered through a What's App class chat.


Designed to help you build confidence in your CLI skills so that you will be comfortable and able to take yourself through the 5 steps as well as fostering this playful perspective that will help you work in a fun way every day. Practical practice is the best way to keep yourself anchored in CLI and to help transition from a 5 steps approach into a conscious way to ‘do’ life!

This course is for anyone and everyone who has taken any level of CLI before! We will be working through many cli’s together in class (2-3CLI's minimum) using the Ideal list format. This is a practical class where we are going to put everything into action, by practicing, practicing, practicing and answering questions along the way!

You will also be supported for the whole month using the WhatsApp Group Chat, so that we can keep the work going in a group through out the week!! :)

Cost is $197 + tax.

Everyone welcome that has taken any level of CLI classes before.