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ALL NEW! Advanced CLI Retreat
By Kelley Byrne

Instructor: Kelley Byrne


Advanced CLI Retreat

The nature of a CLI Retreat is to intensely incubate a new conscious self-aware way of being. Learning and growing is always exponential when living in a microcosm for a period of time. The space is new to you as are the people, so you tend to be more open and highly flexible to new ideas and information.

Kelley's exciting and creatively personal and professional delivery also provides significant practice time for learning and skill integration. She also provides continued support to all participants to ensure continued growth and development for each student! This is a chance to retreat with Kelley .....where living and learning in the incubated community retreat setting can really maximize your experience! 

Retreats are an opportunity to step out of your daily lives. We're inviting you to unplug from your work, your family, and your responsibilities!

Retreat content to be determined. This retreat content will be all new, we will be flexible and base material  on whatever comes up as a priority. Content may include deepening of money/parenting concepts as well as looking at play and business from a purely conscious perspective. 

Contact Kelley for more details!

All New Content!

4 Day Advanced Retreat - $600 + NS tax

Accommodation cost for retreat stay is not included in class fee.

Retreat Stay - Discounted Rate $55 + tax per night

Open to Atlantic Canada

October 15 - October 18
8:30am - 6:00pm
Namaste Esperanza
8998 Highway 224 Option to stay on-site and attend class as retreat for multi-day classes
Upper Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia
Namaste Esperanza
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$600 plus tax
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