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Introduction to CLI
By Erica de Sousa

Instructor: Erica de Sousa

Do you experience conflict in your relationships, health, money management or career? Do you notice patterns that keep repeating without change? Move from being in conflict in your life circumstances to finding your own personal power and capacity for healing. The accessible and elegant CLI process integrates easily into everyday life so you can deconstruct false beliefs and learn from conflicts.

Have you heard the sayings that 'every challenge is an opportunity to grow' or 'the world is your mirror'? CLI uncovers how these ideas truly play out in our lives. If consciousness comes first, then it only follows that every external conflict is a mirror of the same pain already living inside you. CLI creates an opportunity to develop a self awareness that accepts and thrives in life's many diverse experiences. This includes taking responsibility for all of our experiences by collaborating with them instead of avoiding, coping and complaining.

Investment: $150 + NS HST 

Please purchase and read the Manual before class.

Date and Time
Tuesday, October 8, 2019
9:30AM (America/Halifax)

Erica's Home at 260 Allison Coldwell Rd
Newtonville, NS Canada
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Erica de Sousa
Erica de Sousa