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Organize your calendar - 2

Organize your calendar

Add Categories

Help people sort through your calendar faster by making appropriate categories.

- Add the category name

- To get the most out of your categories,  you can choose a default category images, that will show up as thumbs for your events on the public views if you do not choose a featured image for your event.

Add Tags

- Add the tag name

- To attach tags to events, type in the keywords that describe your event. These tags will function as links within the Calendar so users can search for and filter events effectively

Add Venues

You can create venues in your calendar to simplify the process and help save you time when you are creating events.

- Fill out the required information for the venue and click Save.

Add Organizers

- You may provide the name and contact information for the event organizer.

- Fill in the required information for the Organizer and click Save.

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