Do you need to remediate PDF documents and need to ensure they are accessible? If so, this training is for you. All too often document authors rely solely on software tools to check for accessibility resulting in electronic content that has significant problems with both accessibility and usability for persons who utilize assistive technologies. Content creators will learn to create accessible PDF documents. Analysts who create and manage existing PDF documents will learn how to fix common errors from the accessibility checker. We will highlight the importance of using assistive technologies and human testing in accessibility checks.

This training is a mixture of lecture and hands-on training in an online platform, provided in two-hour increments over three consecutive days.

Pre-requisite Training

Accessible Microsoft Office Documents is a pre-requisite for the Accessible PDF Documents 2.1 training.

To Register

Classes are offered on a first come, first served basis.

For more information about the course and software requirements, please click on Accessible PDF Documents 2.1. You can register on the class page or by clicking on the green "Tickets" icon.

Event Notes

Training will be on Zoom. Link to access the training will be provided to registered attendees.