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Saint Square at Ashland Coffee & Tea (Acoustic)
Saint Square at Ashland Coffee & Tea (Acoustic)
Saturday, March 28th
1:00pm to 3:00pm

Saint Square is an indie rock band from Richmond, VA, built around the music of singer/songwriter Ben Berumez. Their unique brand of indie rock marries heartfelt lyrics with tight, tasteful grooves. Featuring the talents of Ethan Berumez and Adam Brown, Saint Square can be found performing at venues across their home state of Virginia and beyond. Whether at a local coffee shop or on the main stage of your favorite festival, Saint Square brings energy and engagement to every song, crafting a performance that won't soon be forgotten. In November 2019 the band released their debut single Crashing Down, followed in December by their second single No Clear Skies. In January 2020 they released their full EP, Area of Effect, featuring their singles and three other tracks. Area of Effect is available on all major music platforms. Currently the band is performing to promote their EP. Connect with the band on social media or visit them at for updates, tour info, and more!

Ashland Coffee & Tea
100 North Railroad Avenue, Ashland, Virginia 23005
March 28
1:00pm - 3:00pm