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History & Hauntings: Partners in Time
As part of our Hanover County 300th celebration, Hanover Tavern Foundation Speaker Series is excited to host paranormal investigator Steve Dills of Transcend Paranormal. Steve will discuss the importance of researching the history, furnishings, occurrences, and people of a historical site before conducting an investigation. He will pair recorded paranormal experiences in Hanover County with historical facts, demonstrating that there are intelligent hauntings that can be validated through known information, thus showcasing the need for historical research prior to an on-site search.


Steve Dills is a paranormal investigator with over a decade of experience investigating the Paranormal. His passion for the paranormal stems from experiences at a very young age. Waking up to your name being whispered into your ear at night, and watching the doors to your bedroom open and close repeatedly are not the things that make up a normal childhood. After years of privately investigating the paranormal on his own, Steve teamed up with a number of other paranormal investigators with the same focus and passion, and founded Transcend Paranormal in 2010, where he remains as the Director of the team.

Since that time, Steve and Transcend Paranormal have worked with numerous historical sites to not only research and investigate the Paranormal, but to also support those sites. Since its establishment, Transcend Paranormal has helped to raise funds for these locations & organizations through public investigations, lectures, events, and lending a hand at those sites through volunteer efforts. Transcend continues these efforts today to ensure that the historical sites and locations we investigate continue to be community centers for education and learning. Transcend also offers services to all of those in need – both public and private locations. Transcend operates out of central Virginia and travels when necessary to assist clients.

Most recently, Steve has partnered with RVA Paranormal for RVA Paranormal Live, a Facebook Live stream show on Facebook that airs Tuesday nights at 8PM EST. The show focuses on discussing the paranormal field, including locations, techniques, equipment, and more, as well as interviewing prominent and respected figures in the paranormal field.

He has also began equipment modifications and formed SpectreTech, a side project with the aim of providing low-cost equipment modified for studying and researching the paranormal.

Steve continues to investigate the paranormal in determination to unveil some of the mysteries surrounding the paranormal by partnering and working with some of the most prominent investigators and figures in the field.

Hanover Tavern
13181 Hanover Courthouse Rd, Hanover, Virginia 23069
February 20
7:00pm - 8:00pm