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Know Me
By Staten Island Arts

Know Me
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Online through May 2021

Featuring work by Kofi Antwi, Flint Gennari, Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev, Jessica L Gianna, Daniel Jared Smith, Windy Nicely, Laura Pannone, and Tabitha Lee Turchio.

Know Me is the exploration of identity through the eyes of eight Staten Island artists. The exhibit challenges the viewer to consider the inner world of another, and the minute-by-minute decisions that, together as an evolving whole, create the story of one’s life. If you could do anything in your home or your neighborhood this Saturday, what would it be? What is the first thing you think of upon waking? Does it inspire you or bring you fear? Where do you go, in your head or your actions, to experience your greatest joy, expression, passion, or solace? What is the most important thing about you that most people don’t see? How do the way you walk, talk, dress, and adorn your body help define who you are? How does your past self collide with or complement your present self? What beliefs do you hold that inform almost every choice you make? 

Each piece in Know Me urges the viewer to consider the selfhood of both the subjects in the piece as well as the artist choosing to create it. The phrase “know me” might be a request, a demand, or a question. While Staten Island is rich with diverse stories and creative energy, many worlds never overlap. A face may look familiar, but nothing more is known. How might our spheres grow closer? How might we collaborate if our shared passions were known?

Know Me? Know Me.

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