Angie Lohr,  the Executive Director of Helping Out People Exploited, is one of the founders of HOPE Outreach, operating since 2008 and in Vernon since 2017.      Angie has past lived experience and has been in recovery for 21 years.  Angie has won Woman of the year in 2019, and the HOPE volunteers were awarded Volunteer Organization of the year , in 2019.     Angie oversees two teams of outreach nightly in Vernon formed of over 50 men and women volunteers.    Jewels of HOPE was started as a Social Purpose Company in 2021, to better help support the women we serve.    They are taught how to make bracelets, paid a dignity wage and given a hand up for employment opportunities.

We have 6 bracelets that will be displayed that lunch, to purchase or view the website on the story of love and our Jewels, the ladies we serve.  Prices range from $29.99 to $34.99


We will talk about HOPE and the work we do, discuss the story of Jewels of HOPE, and answer any questions after.    

May 11
11:30am - 1:00pm