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Leadership Confrence

Join us for a day of inspiration, motivation and captivation at

Leadership Conference


March 25,2022 at
Sparkling Hill Resort

Featuring Keynote Speaker Deanna Deacon

Deanna is a certified Holistic Health Coach, an energy healer, a spiritual mentor, a yoga teacher, an embodiment facilitator & a deeply passionate student of life. She's developed her own coaching technique of personal development blended with spiritual awakening, simple & effective self-care tools and deep, compassionate love for YOU!

Deanna uses intuitive coaching to tap into your body's wisdom, connecting the dots that you have struggled to connect for the past 5, 10...15 years? You can keep working to find your truth on your own...or you can join us for Leadership Conference 2020, a day dedicated to YOU finding YOU!

Friday, March 25
Sparkling Hills
888 Sparkling Pl, Vernon, BC V1H 2K7
Vernon, BC Canada