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May 2020 Luncheon with guest speaker Deanna Deacon

Now that we’re all ZOOM pro’s we will be holding our May luncheon through Zoom also.

This meeting will be available first to VWIB member as we can only accommodate a limited number of participants. In order to receive the Zoom link please ‘buy’ your $0.00 (Free) ticket.

Join us May 13, 12 Noon for an exciting and energizing meeting featuring Deanna Deacon –  Keynote speaker for Leadership Conference 2020!

Topic: Emotional Resiliency

About Deanna:

Deanna is an intuitive life coach, international retreat host, yoga teacher and meditation/breath-work facilitator, both in-person and online. Before becoming a life coach, Deanna spent years working in the nonprofit & small business sector, supporting managers and owners to find sustainable leadership styles and generate long-lasting connections with clients and customers. Deanna teaches people how to lead organically by first becoming the Holistic Expert in their own lives.

May 13
12:00pm - 1:30pm
This is an online event at Online