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The Security of Blockchain Bridges
By Rootstock

This talk will cover the classification and security of blockchain bridges, which enable connecting different blockchains and exchanging digital assets, from the theoretical and practical points of view. We will discuss how these bridges enable interoperability between two or more distinct networks and provide an overview of existing bridge types including two-way pegs, atomic swaps and repayment protocols. We’ll zoom at the different subtypes of two way pegs: optimistic, notary-based, and consensus-based. Additionally we'll examine the security properties and decentralization for each type of bridge to ensure soundness and availability across multiple chains. Last, we’ll briefly review the design of the Rootstock bridge. By the end of this talk you should have a better understanding on how blockchain bridges work and what measures can be taken to secure them from malicious actors.

🗣Speaker: Sergio Lerner

🗣 Host: Julian Len 

🔴 You can watch it live from Youtube and Twitter. 

January 26
10:00am - 11:00am