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Ride the Rim 2022 - Seeking Volunteers
6:00am - 6:00pm
Crater Lake National Park
September 17
6:00am - 6:00pm

Ride the Rim 2022 – Seeking Volunteers


Klamath Falls, Oregon: Crater Lake National Park, in partnership with Discover

Klamath and Friends of Crater Lake National Park, will host the annual Ride the Rim

days September 10 and 17, 2022. On these consecutive Saturdays, East Rim Drive from

North Junction to Park Headquarters will be closed to motorized vehicles from 8 a.m. to

6 p.m. to allow for non-motorized recreation including biking, hiking, and running.

Discover Klamath is seeking volunteer groups on behalf of Ride the Rim to help with the

event and has many opportunities for the local community. From set-up and tear-down,

to rest stops and parking, every aspect of the event is run by volunteers alongside

National Park Staff.

Volunteering at Ride the Rim is easy, whether it’s for one day or two, no training is

required and anyone can volunteer. If interested, you can learn more about each role and

simply sign up online at

For more information on volunteering, contact Tonia Ulbricht at or 541-882-1501.



Rest Stop Job Descriptions


Payments from Discover Klamath on behalf of Ride the Rim are set at $500 per rest stop


REST STOPS – Cleetwood Cove, White Bark Pine, Dutton Ridge:

Volunteer groups will be responsible for providing 4-5 people at your designated rest stop(s) located

along the route (see map). Volunteer groups will be responsible for gathering rest stop materials from

the Discover Klamath office in Klamath Falls Friday (day before the event), set-up, working the stop

during the event inclusive of stocking and providing food to participants, clean up, tear-down, and

delivering rest stop materials back to Discover Klamath the following day. Some food prep is required

such as cutting fruit. Gloves will be provided and required while cutting the fruit. Plenty of adult

supervision is require if volunteer groups consist of youth. This job does require some heavy lifting (up

to 40 lbs.). Work gloves are suggested, but not provided. Groups will also be responsible for counting

participants that stop at the rest stop using a hand-held counter.

Ride the Rim will provide the food and equipment needed for the rest stops, except for chairs –

volunteers will need to bring their own chair to sit in. You will also have at least one Friends of Crater

Lake Member at each rest stop who are very knowledgeable about Crater Lake and will work directly

with each volunteer group and participants to help answer any questions about the event or the park.

Volunteer groups are allowed to bring giveaways such as stickers, Chapstick, brochures, etc. These items

can have your organization’s logo on them; however, groups are not allowed to advertise with banners,

signs, etc. per national park regulations.

Volunteers working these rest stops MUST be completely set up by 7:30 am. Please plan to arrive

accordingly. Plan for roughly 45 minutes to an hour to set up your rest stop. Riders begin riding at 8:00

am, however, some participants begin early. The event will run from 8am – 6pm. You cannot begin to

tear down until 6:00 pm, and you may not leave your rest stop until your site is cleared of all trash. NPS

Staff opens Rim Drive to vehicle traffic at 6:00 pm.