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Virtual Dungeons and Dragons

The Winooski Memorial Library is excited to announce the continuation of our Dungeons & Dragons program, now virtual via Zoom!

Welcome to the world of cooperative narrative role play where the story is told by everyone playing. Learn about collaborative storytelling through our series of information and gaming sessions - build amazing Worlds with us during a series of lessons and adventures. This program is designed for youth ages 10 - 18.

  • Begins January 4, 2021
  • Mondays / 3 - 7 PM via Zoom - free!
  • To sign up, call or email our Library Youth Services Coordinator, Josh Neilson: / 802 655 6424. 
  • A special Zoom invite link will be sent to you directly. Need help installing and using Zoom? View their online resources

Monday Session Information & Monthly Rotation

The Gates of Knowledge: 1st Monday of the month -  an introduction to the worlds of role-playing. What is Dungeons & Dragons? How do we play? What’s with all the dice? Will I turn into a geek? Can I ride a unicorn?! These questions and more will be answered should you pass through the Gates of Knowledge. 

The Path of Knowing: 2nd Monday of the month - Character building. Discover your inner wizard, hidden barbarian, or secret elf self. Who am I? A valorous paladin? A heroine of renown? A stealthy rogue? or a healing druid? Join us for an evening of alternate self-discovery and role play as we set free the characters within us. You’ll need some paper and a writing utensil. 

The Seat of Power: 3rd Monday of the month - an introduction to Dungeon Mastering. In a world where magic reigns supreme… in a time alive with mythical creatures…  there is a need for someone to narrate the storyline and make enforce the rules of the game. This person is the Dungeon Master; storyteller, narrator, referee, and guide. The Dungeon Master leads the group through the environment, describes the world as the players experience it, decides which way the scythe of fate falls, with a roll of the dice. Begin your journey, into the land of world-building. Come, and become, a Dungeon Master. 

The Journey Begins: 4th Monday of the month - a one-shot adventure. Every step is the first of thousands… so this first adventure may be your first of many. Monsters! Intrigue! Magic! Come on a wondrous adventure as a character you’ve built in previous sessions. Let your fantastic self shine, in a three-hour journey through our theater of the mind. Participation requires that you have built a character with us in a previous session. 

The Power is Yours: Special 5th Monday of the month (where applicable) - the student becomes the master when someone from the community rises into the Seat of Power. Are you ready? Will you wield the dice? This rare 5th Mondays are reserved for community Dungeon Masters to hone their skills. Sign up and join the adventure with a character you’ve built in a previous session of Dungeons & Dragons!

Questions regarding this program can be sent to Library Youth Services Coordinator, Josh Neilson: / 802 655 6424