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By Eclectica Contemporary


Eclectica Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening of Margins, a group show which runs alongside three adjacent curatorial collaborations taking place in the gallery throughout August and September to celebrate Womxn’s Month. As a womxn run and led gallery based in South Africa, August is a focal month in Eclectica Contemporary’s calendar. Our intentions, as a gallery and as a team, have always been to provide a platform that highlights and celebrates the narratives of and from the African continent and so, by hosting a group exhibition in August each year, our focus turns towards womxn and sharing their stories. To turn to womxn in this time, to us, means turning towards conversations around the impact of gender, its definitions and the constraints which shape and reflect society at large.

Margins is a group exhibition featuring the work of South African womxn artists working in painting, mixed media, collage, photography, video and installation. Artists represented by the gallery include Nina Holmes, Aimee Lindeque and Sue Greeff, and they are joined by newer or returning artists who collaborate with us, Yvette Hess, Kirstin Warries, Emma Blencowe, Alet Swarts and Chloë Jayne. The themes that are explored in the works range from domestic spaces, the constraints and questioning of time, bodies as ethereal, bodies as symbolic, bodies as collaborators, bodies as political sites and sites of memory, of activism and of dis/comfort. There are flowers, voids, nipples, from faces to places and objects of symbolic meaning. The works in the exhibition vary as deeply as the questions and responses of Womxn’s month ought to.

In additionthree curatorial collaborations take place in the gallery throughout August. Alice Toich opens a conversation honouring the relationship between the artist and model in her work and historically. Boni and Wes Leal present an interrogation of space, intimacy, and repetition. LegakwanaLeo Makgekgenene has brought together a show that confronts gender binarism and exclusionary feminism by Malwande Mthethwa, Shana-Lee Ziervogel, Elijah Ndoumbé, Lamb of Lemila, Ranji Mangcu and Rona.

Until further notice: Open Monday to Thursday 10:00 am - 5:00pm

August 06 - September 30
10:00am - 5:00pm (SAST)
Eclectica Contemporary
69 Burg Street
Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa
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