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By Art@Africa

Layers of perception by Kobus Walker.

The main focus of the exhibition is to take a closer look at the finer detail in the world around us and how we interact with nature and each other. The closer we observe, the more we discover. We consume visually on a daily basis, most of the time taking this for granted. The body of work aims to create a dialogue between the viewer and the subject matter and also evokes a sense of familiarity, a sensation, memory or emotion.

‘’I take inspiration from South African landscape artist Pierneef and incorporate them into my paintings, combined with the presence of people from different cultures, through portrait studies.’’ ~KW

I aim to reach an equilibrium where the adult and inner child can co-create and express a true passion for art with moments of mindfulness, like meditation, reflecting different layers of perception.

Monday 9am–7pm
Tuesday 9am–7pm
Wednesday 9am–7pm
Thursday 9am–7pm
Friday 9am–7pm
Saturday 9am–7pm
Sunday 9am–7pm
September 01 - November 19
9:00am - 7:00pm (SAST)
Art@Africa at the Clocktower
Portswood Road
Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa
This is an online event at Art@Africa at the Clocktower