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Meditation for Happiness
By Somya Ramrakhyani

Rediscover your smile & experience your innate joy with an uplifting and vibrant meditation. Smile from ear to ear and from head to toe with this meditation class.

Immerse yourself in happiness and joy.

We are born happy. Overwork, stress & fatigue rob us of our smile. How do you get your smile back as you live through the ups and downs of life? Well, There is a way. A remarkably compelling and effortless way. That way is through meditation.

In this class, you will experience an effortless and powerful guided meditation to rediscover your smile and inner joy.

It's free & Online. Please RSVP here to get the zoom link to join.

I am a pediatrician and a meditation teacher. I am offering free meditation sessions to help the community during these difficult times. The classes include ancient, super effective techniques, & are designed to provide quick & effortless relaxation, overcome stress, and to increase happiness and peace in our lives.

Please join me every Monday @ 6pm - 630pm for a *Meditation for Happiness*.

Any questions, please contact me @