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L&P OS seminar - Laura Abrardi, Politecnico di Torino
By Fabrizio Ciotti

Laura Abrardi

Politecnico di Torino

will give a presentation on

I don't care about cookies!' Platform data disclosure and time-inconsistent users

(joint with C. Cambini and S. Hoernig).


Time-inconsistent internet users neglect future privacy costs and release too much data to digital platforms. We study how regulations that require user consent for data processing affect platform profits, welfare and user surplus, depending on business models and the degree of time inconsistency. Consent mechanisms increase user surplus or welfare only if their design facilitates consent refusal. If platforms can make it difficult to opt out, it may be better for society if the former choose the disclosure level. Voluntary caps on usage, as recently adopted by some platforms, can raise profits by making some users consent to more disclosure.

Paper available here.

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