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Brook Road Beautification

Chamberlayne Avenue was the previous focus of the Beautification Committee, which tries to enhance the beauty of our common green spaces.

Their October project is a much-needed cleanup of the planted beds in the median of Brook Road between Brookland Parkway and Laburnum Avenue.

The plan is to clear weeds from the beds; layer paper and a thick layer of mulch to eradicate stubborn weeds; and to feed, trim, and care for the existing plants. In the spring, we will determine where we might add new plants, focusing on native plants that will thrive in the inhospitable environment of a busy parkway median.

If you live along Brook Road, we would love to have your involvement in helping with the clean-up and then the maintenance of the plantings. Let’s make Brook Road more beautiful!

Interested in joining this hard-working but fun-loving team? Contact Susan Rebillot, 804-367-4529.

Date and Time
Saturday, November 2, 2019
6:00PM (America/New_York)