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DSDHH: Deaf Awareness Month
By DSDHH - Division of Services of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Sanderson Community Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is hosting our annual D.E.A.F. Festival!

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September 19-24, 2022

Join us for a great week where we will have various events to celebrate the month of September which is known as the Deaf Awareness Month.

We will share more details of our plans for this week in a few weeks so stay tuned.

Invite your family, friends, neighbors to the D.E.A.F. Festival - this is a great opportunity for you to celebrate with family, friends and our community so don't miss out on this.

Sanderson Community Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

5709 S 1500 W Taylorsville, UT 84123


For more information, please contact us at

VISUAL DESCRIPTION of the flyer: A picture of fall leaves shown (color in red, orange, and yellow) is shown on the top half of the flyer. Rest of the flyer has light cream color as the background.

Watch video:


Mary Beth Baierl, a Caucasian woman with brown shoulder length hair is signing enthusiastically. There is a white box in the top right corner with the words "September 19 through 24, 2022 Save the Date" inside the box.

Hello! we are excited it’s almost September: which is Deaf awareness month. We will be having weeklong activities continuing even through the weekend. DEAF Festival is an acronym for Diversity, Equal, Artistic, Festival. It will include spreading awareness about Deafness, art by Deaf artists, and booths for the festival. We’re excited! Be sure to save the date!

Following Mary Beth is a slideshow of pictures from last year's DEAF Festival.