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DSDHH: South Center - Veyo Rodeo
By DSDHH - Division of Services of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Let's go to the Veyo RODEO!

August 05, 2022

Starts at 8 PM

335 Chad Ranch Road, Veyo, Utah 84782 (Across from a cemetery)

Interpreters provided

Bring cushion to sit on

Tickets sold at the gate

Adult $5

Ages 6 - 12 $3

Ages 0 - 5: Free

Please register at


Background on the flyer has wood planks and brown paint in the middle.

At the top it says Join DSDHH's South Community Center in attending

Veyo Rodeo in bold black letters.

Country boots are next to the 'V' in Veyo

A cowboy hat is rested on the 'O' in Rodeo

The address is below the title 335 Chad Ranch Road, Veyo, UT 84782 (across from a cemetery)

The date August 05, 2022 is below the address centered on the page

Below has the time Starts at 8 PM

Below in smaller font says Interpreters provided, Bring a cushion to sit on

Centered is a blue ticket on the left of the ticket has a horse and rider to the right of the ticket is a bull with a red ribbon caught on his horn

The blue ticket says Tickets sold at the gate

Adults $5

Ages 6 - 12 $3

Ages 0 - 5 $ FREE

A text box outlined in brown dashes below says Please register at or scan QR Code

Questions? Email us at

August 05
8:00pm - 10:00pm
335 Chad Ranch Road
Veyo, Utah United States
See Flyer for Costs