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2023 Penrite Hattah Desert Race
By North West Vic MCC - Rob Sinclair

Supp Regs

For queries regarding your entry and race details, please contact:

Gary Leeson

Race Secretary

North West Victorian Motorcycle Club

PO Box 2277


Tel: 0418 553 568



3.0         ENTRIES

3.1          Only full national senior and junior licences will be accepted. One event licences will not be considered.

3.2         Online Entries will open on Saturday 29th April 2023 at 9am, and close when capacities are met or finalised.


4.2.1    If capacities aren’t met, further instructions will be published on the website : on available entry times.


3.3         Only entries received on the official website : accompanied by the correct fee will be accepted. (Approved Wild Card applicant exempt)


There will be a CAP on riders in all classes – Juniors 350 riders all classes combined. Senior Ironman 400 riders all combined. Once the caps are met NO further entries will be accepted.  ( Approved Wild Card applicant may be included at discretion of 2023 Hattah Desert Race Secretary)


3.3.1     The top 3 place getters from the previous year in every class (juniors and seniors) will have automatic inclusion (upon receipt of entry fee), if so desired.


3.3.2     Entry fee:



Juniors            $300                           


Seniors            $500                           


Ladies  4 laps   $360


Ladies 8 laps   $500   


All classes MUST have 6 entrants to constitute a competition



Confirmation of entry including riders name and racing number will be updated regularly on website 


4.3.3    Wild Card


The 2023 Hattah Desert Race Secretary reserves the right to receive and approve an application for a Wild Card entry outside the regulations stated at 4.2 and 4.2.1. Such application must be submitted via the approved Wild Card entry form which can be obtained by contacting the Race Secretary. The Wild Card application is not to be considered an alternate entry process. Any Wild Card entry will only be considered if it is deemed to be overwhelmingly in the best interests of the Hattah Desert Race.




3.4         RIDING NUMBERS


The Hattah Desert Race does not recognise National Race numbers


The top 40 senior outright positions from the previous year will be allocated their respective placing number for the 2022 event.


All other senior competitors, you will be allocated a number in your relevant class by the order of receival of entry. Confirmation of allocated numbers will be available once the verification process has been undertaken and will be listed on the website


Where classes attract more than 100 entries, the number range will be started again, prefixed with an X.


Riders must ensure these numbers are clear and legible at all times, including at scrutineering and during the event. If no numbers are displayed on the bike it will not be scrutineered. All race numbers must of a professional standard.


Seniors only –


Class                                        Number range


Ladies   4 laps                           50 – 79

Ladies 8 laps                             80 - 99

Up to 250cc 2 stk                      100 – 199

251cc and above 2 stk               200 – 299

Up to 250cc 4 stk                      300 – 399

251 – 450cc 4 stk                      400 – 499

Over 450cc 4 stk                       500 – 599

Veterans 35 – 44 yrs                  600 – 699

Masters 45 yrs and over             700 – 799

Under 19 yrs unlimited bike        800 – 899