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Secrets of the Past – unearthing ancient (and not-so-ancient) stories of Aotearoa
By Toitu Otago Settlers Museum Wild Dunedin

Join us for a journey through time, to discover the stories that bones can tell us about our past.

What can bones tell us about the past? 

Join ancient DNA experts Michael Knapp and Nic Rawlence as they take us on a tour of Aotearoa at the time of the moa and Haast eagle. What can we learn from their bones, and how does ancient DNA unlock the secrets of times past? 

Then ancient DNA expert Catherine Collins explains what we can learn from the bones of kiore about the history of human migration across the Pacific. Last, forensic scientist Charlotte King explains how we can uncover the stories of human lives in the goldrush era from the bones they left behind. 

Suitable for curious minds of all ages!

Brought to you in support of the Wild Dunedin Festival of Nature.

5.30pm – 7pm, Thursday 20 April

Toitū Auditorium