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The Bear
By Sahara Breeze Productions
Marionettes morph into their characters to perform 'The Bear' by Anton Chekhov and translated by Stuart Young.
Sahara BreeZe (SBZ) Productions in conjunction with Experimental Theatre Collective (ETC) present their version of the classic vaudeville farce. This multi-discipline adaptation mixes traditional farce, clowning, song, physical movement, and aerial circus work set to Yann Tiersen's music.
The play they perform takes place in Popova’s drawing room seven months after her husband’s death. Her footman, Luka, begs Popova to start living her life again, but Popova affirms that she will stay faithful to her dead husband Nikolai.
They are interrupted by Smirnov, a retired soldier and landowner, who arrives to recoup a large debt he is owed. Chekhovian pistols are drawn and a battle of the sexes ensues. Who will yield?
Adaptation and Direction: Blaise Barham
Popova: Becky Hodson
Luka: Brent Caldwell
Smirnov: Zac Henry
Master of the straps: Victor Victorious
Aerial silk training and aerial choreography: Rochelle Brophy
Singing coach and make-up: Meko Ng
Sound and Lighting technician: Tabitha Littlejohn
Stage Management: Sarah Barham
22 March
8:30pm - 9:40pm
Mayfair Theatre
100 King Edward Street
Dunedin, Otago New Zealand