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Wonderful by Richard Huber
By Sahara Breeze Productions
One part drawing room farce, two measures of Love and a splash of the comedy.
Otago theatre company ‘SBZ Productions’ will be staging award-winning Dunedin playwright Richard Huber’s latest play 'Wonderful' at Allen Hall Theatre from 8pm 17-19 March 2023 for Dunedin Fringe as part of its NZ tour.
Tickets can be booked online at
This two-handed ‘drawing room comedy’ is set in England during the witty and just a little bit notorious roaring 20s. Join us for this premiere tour of Wonderful 2.0 as the divine Lady Hermione and her loyal butler Roberts cast aside the darkness, and despair from the Great War and fall headlong into the brave new world of martinis, monocles, romance, and fountains.
Wonderful asks the age-old question of all great love stories: What is the price of following your heart and are you willing to pay it? Where does Uncle Dickie keep the biscuits and what did the actress really say to the bishop?
Huber also directs the piece, described by Theatreview as an "exceptional production" and as a "cracking conversational duel" fizzing with "diabolical cleverness". Husband and wife acting duo Blaise and Sarah Barham “inhabit their roles with ease,” says Theatreview and are described as "a joy to watch" by Art Murmurs. Both were nominated as Most Outstanding Performers for Two at Dunedin Fringe 2021.
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Title: Wonderful.
Creators: Written/directed by Richard Huber and performed by Blaise and Sarah Barham.
Produced by: SBZ Productions – –
Dates and times: 17-19 March 2023 from 8pm.
Venue: Allen Hall Theatre, Dunedin.
19 March
8:00pm - 9:10pm
Allen Hall Theatre
90 Union Street East, University of Otago
Dunedin, Otago New Zealand