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V. James Renda Faculty Resource Center for Academic Excellence Fall Orientation Series: Accessibility Services presented by Caitlin Wetherwax
By Maren Smith

Accessibility Services focuses on providing individualized academic adjustments to students at NCCC in order to remove barriers to their education. These adjustments help to provide an accessible environment for all students and maintain the College’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), which prohibits discrimination based upon disability and calls for equal access in public spaces and educational settings such as ours.

Caitlin Wetherwax, The Accessibility Services Program Coordinator also serves as a resource for faculty members and aids in guidance on the delivery of these academic adjustments in their classrooms. Join the session to learn about common academic adjustments and their delivery at NCCC, what you can be doing to promote an accessible environment in your classroom in-person and online. Located in the FRCAE Conference Room.