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UCLouvain Economics Seminar - Philipp Kircher, Cornell/UCLouvain
By UCLouvain Economics Seminar

This presentation will be online only

Philipp Kircher

Cornell / UCLouvain

will give a presentation on

An Economic Model of the Covid-19 Pandemic with Young and Old Agents: Behavior, Testing and Policies


This paper investigates the importance of the age composition in theCovid-19 pandemic. We augment a standard SIR epidemiological modelwith individual choices on work and non-work social distancing. Infectedindividuals are initially uncertain unless they are tested. We find that olderindividuals socially distance themselves substantially in equilibrium. Con-fining the old even more reduces their welfare. Confining the young ex-tends the duration of the epidemic, with negative consequences on the oldif the epidemic cannot be controlled after confinement. Testing and quar-antines save lives, even if conducted just on the young, as does separationof activities by age. Combining policies can increase the welfare of boththe young and the old.

Joint with Luiz Brotherhood, Cezar Santos, and Michele Tertilt