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IRES Lunch Seminar - Riccardo Turati (IRES)
By IRES Lunch Seminar

Riccardo Turati


will give a presentation on

Network-based Connectedness and the Diffusion of Cultural Traits


This paper empirically investigates the impact of network-based connectedness on the diffusion of cultural traits. Using Gallup World Poll data over 148 countries on individual connectedness, opinions and beliefs, we find that individuals who have a connection abroad are associated with higher levels of social behavior, religiosity and gender-egalitarian attitudes. The effect is stronger among individuals living in regions characterized by low levels of religiosity and gender-egalitarian views, suggesting that migration favors cultural convergence across regions along those traits. The cultural effects of connectedness on each trait are stronger among less educated individuals rather than highly educated ones. The effects are robust to a set of propensity score matching and covariates matching techniques, undermining the potential threat driven by selection into connectedness by observables. Statistical tests are carefully implemented to quantify the selection threat driven by unobserved factors, which appears negligible. The effects are sizeable on social behavior and gender-egalitarian views, particularly on low educated individuals, once simulations based on estimated coefficients are performed. Although robust, the pro-religiosity effect of connectedness is limited and negligible.

08 October
12:45 - 14:45
IRES, D 109
3 Place Montesquieu
Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Wallonie