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Leading Beyond Any Title At Breakfast: Conflict Continued...
By Corporate and International Training Solutions

Join Gina Botelho and Craig Hess for a special WEDNESDAY morning conversation about leadership.

In our next conversation we'll continue a discussion about Conflict and how leaders can address it and use it productively. Building off a conversation earlier this year, Gina and Craig will continue to dig into how leaders resolve - and use - conflict - tackling questions like:

How do the best teams / leaders manage conflict?

How can they use it to their advantage?

How should leaders help their team(s) work through conflict within or between teams?

Leading Beyond Any Title At Breakfast will bring you weekly, quick lessons and conversations about timely and topical leadership challenges. We hope you'll enjoy the conversation and leave with 1 BIG IDEA, 2 Applied Strategies, and 3 Questions to consider that can help enhance your leadership that very day.