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Journey to Justice - Film Screening
By Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Join us for an enriching panel discussion featuring SAIT students and staff as we unpack the documentary Journey to Justice. The film narrates the experiences of 6 black Canadians who stood up against racism, segregation, and inequality at all levels.This panel will pay tribute to the work of these heroes and dissect the relevance of the events in the documentary to the experiences of Black people in present-day Canada. The panelists will highlight ways that everyone can contribute to fostering a more equitable society for Black people in our city and beyond.This panel discussion is both an acknowledgement of the evolution of the civil rights movement in Canada, and a call to action for the future. Members of the panel are Black Canadian students and professionals who will be leaning into their own lived experiences to illuminate our understanding of issues explored in the documentary.The event will end with a Q/A segment with the audience. We encourage attendees to come with questions.To find the movie, copy and paste link in the browser:

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