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Leading Beyond Any Title: Recognition & Reinforcement - Are you Providing Enough?
By Corporate and International Training Solutions

Join Jennie Gilbert and Craig Hess for a series of conversations about leadership - at any level.

In our next conversation, we'll discuss recognition and reinforcement. Why should we give it? How often? HOW should we give it? Do you know how your team members like to be recognized? How do you recognize individuals and teams differently? DO you need to recognize them differently? What seems like a simple topic has a lot to consider.

Leading Beyond Any Title At Breakfast will bring you weekly, quick lessons and conversations about timely and topical leadership challenges. We hope you'll enjoy the conversation and leave with 1 BIG IDEA, 2 Applied Strategies, and 3 Questions to consider that can help enhance your leadership that very day.

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September 24
8:00am - 9:00am
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