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Powering up: On-Line Wellness Tools
By Student Development & Counselling

Powering up workshop series: skills for the online reality PART 4. This is a four-part series


Studying and connecting on-line are not the same as in person. Attend one or all of the workshops in the Powering Up Workshop series to not only survive, but to thrive on-line.


Part 1. Motivation with On-line Learning: Jan. 26th at 5 pm - see calendar


Part 2. On-Line Communication Skills: Feb. 2 at 5 pm – see calendar


Part 3 . On-Line Dating: Feb. 9th at 5 pm – see calendar


Part 4. On-Line Wellness Tools Feb. 10th at 8 am

A large part of students’ academic and professional success comes from developing positive coping tools and what is known as resilience. Learn about the on-line tools that Student Development & Counselling has available to help you manage the demands of life and school.


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